Hannah + Grant

I've shamelessly stalked Hannah and Grant on Instagram since I saw Melissa Marshall photograph their elopement in Iceland a few months back. I then saw them model for Thrive Modern, which is a workshop I was accepted to and attended in August of 2017 so I knew these two had to be something special, and trust me, they did not disappoint. I love when couples are unashamedly themselves. Hannah and Grant were up to try any creative idea I had and soaked up time spent with the other person. I asked them how they got so comfortable in front of a camera and they simply said they realized if they felt awkward, they probably looked awkward so instead they chose to embrace and love each other and have fun with it. Trust me, you can tell they adore each other through these photographs!

Keeley + Mitchell

The very fabulous and total babe, Melissa Marshall (@melissamarshallx) launched something very new this month called Styled Co (http://www.melissamarshall.co/styledco) and everyone should check it out. For real. I love Melissa and her style so of course I signed up. Keeley and Mitchell were an absolute dream, and I know Oklahoma is small but I found out after the shoot that I have SO many mutual connections with the two of them, so it's always a huge plus when you make new friends at the same time! Styled Co is a way to get out of your comfort zone and get creative. It's easy as a creative to feel stuck when you feel like all you do is "business" and don't take time to create for yourself so things like this are so refreshing. Take a look at my favorites from this shoot!

Host: Melissa Marshall (@melissamarshallx)

Venue: The House on 5th Street-- Edmond, OK (@houseon5thstreet)

HMU: Chelsey Ann Artistry (@chelseyann)

Decor: Gathered Home Shop (@gatheredhomeshop)

Models: Mitchell + Keeley White (@keeleyblanca, @mitchell_w)


Emily + Jordan

I'll start this one out with saying by the end of the day, I had a group text with these two and we're now best friends. I had talked with both of them for a bit before we actually met up to take their engagement pictures and we all agreed that it had felt like we had known each other for a while already. Emily and Jordan are high school friends with one of my other couples, so it felt even easier to be around them starting out. We listened to Ben Rector, Chris Stapleton and Drake, talked about Jesus, danced and laughed, a lot. I seriously had the best time with these two and I am STOKED for their wedding in May!

Ashlyn + Gage

Something i'm trying to do more is creating for myself. By that I mean reaching out to people in my community and asking to photograph them or asking for opportunities. So I bring to you, my first shoot of 2018 where I asked a couple I hardly knew to model for me, and maybe i'm bias now, but I think they're pretty great.