Jayln + Jeff

Jayln and I met several years ago when we both worked at MetroShoe Warehouse, but I think her and I only worked a handful of shifts together before she quit and I was back in the Norman location. I'm not entirely sure how we stayed in contact, but over the last year or so we've communicated a lot more frequently and bonded over our love of essential oils and dogs. When she started talking about Jeff it was pretty clear early on that they were going to end up together for the long run. I actually facebook messaged him about a year ago telling him to let me know when he was going to propose because I knew she wanted pictures of it! So fast forward to November, Jay had scheduled a mini session at a Christmas tree farm, so Jeff decided that was the best option to surprise her, since the pictures were her idea to begin with. Long story short, she was surprised and they're getting married in September. Here's a blog of some of my favorites of their engagement session!