"So..... are you busy November 10th? (The day of my wedding). Long story short. I don't want to beat around the bush. I would love for you to do our wedding. Idk how quote stuff works with you, but yeah. Your stuff is hella good Sami. And there really isn't anyone else i'd want to do it." 

I've been friends with Caleb for years (s/o to MetroShoe Warehouse) and his friendship has always been special to me. We have experienced a lot of highs and a lot of lows together, but it has ben really cool to see the Lord work so uniquely through all of those seasons. If you don't know Caleb well, he is 100% the boy version of me. I didn't meet Alexis until a few months before they got married, but obviously since Caleb loves her, I knew I would too, and I wasn't wrong! Alexis has sass and wit and she's seriously the perfect match for Caleb. 

Their day was very unique to them, complete with the most emotional ceremony music and a pizza food truck. I am 8 months late on blogging this wedding but ya know, better late than never. 

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