Heather and Tyler are two of the best people I have ever known. They serve everyone with humility and grace. They love Jesus and they love each other. I love them more than I have words to express. My story with Heather and Tyler started well before their wedding day. My story with them started in May of 2017 when I asked them to come to the Wichita Mountains with me to take pictures. I didn't know Tyler before that day, and Heather I didn't know well at all. That night I knew I would be loving them for years to come. Since then I have gotten to photograph their proposal, engagement pictures, their wedding and every thing else that is to come. 

"Tyler, after knowing your character and heart for over 5 years, and dating for a year and a half, I am choosing you seriously with every intention to grow in my love for you for years to come. Tyler I love the person that you are but I can't wait to see you shine even more as a husband and one day a dad. You are my very best friend and my dream come true."

"You Heather Grace are the girl I chose today, tomorrow, and until Jesus calls us home. Today I commit to us, us against the world, us for the world. Your crown I seek, your dreams I recognize and your heart I commit to love. Today we become one. One flesh loving and serving to point to the Triune God and His perfect Oneness.... I want to serve and I want to love and I want to give my life away for you to be all Christ has for you and today I chose to do just that."

Sami Strong