MAN OH MAN, this day. Honestly one of my favorite weddings to this day. It was SO FUN and intentional and there just weren’t expectations going into it (on my end- because let’s be real, sometimes I get caught up in the things I want to happen which isn’t fair and lame because it isn’t my day, but a bit of honesty for y’all). I just let the day happen as it did naturally and it was just a blast. Their ceremony was sweet and unique, they stood back to back before the ceremony and just chatted and in that moment Dylan noticed Belle was wearing his grandma’s ring to honor her during the day and he cried and I cried. We snuck out after dinner and took some portraits in the last bit of light and let them soak in the moment of being married and surrounded by everyone they loved. Not to forget- they had the best dance party and I would be lying if I said I didn’t dance too (after Belle’s mom hugged me saying she was so glad I was having fun and dancing). Overall it was just such a fun and joyful day that I would repeat over and over if I could.

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