“I'll back track and say the first time I really worked with Sarah was for her company, Pivotal Style, and during that shoot, her phone fell off of Skydance Bridge onto the highway... Fast forward about a year, I went to the Wichita mountains with them to take their engagement pictures!”

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Sami Strong
Kayli + Evan

“I was looking back on her Instagram posts and the first time Evan appeared in one I commented "let me come and take cute pictures of y'all" and fast forward 5 months, they were engaged and I came to Arizona and took cute pictures of them. It was truly a DREAM.”

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Jayln + Jeff

“When she started talking about Jeff it was pretty clear early on that they were going to end up together for the long run. I actually facebook messaged him about a year ago telling him to let me know when he was going to propose because I knew she wanted pictures of it!”

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