What is your photography style like / what can I expect?


I tell people that I will absolutely direct them, but I stray away from posing in the traditional sense of the word. I will direct you in ways that compliment your body types together and let you take the reigns from there. I want your photos to look like you as a couple and showcase your individual love, not the same exact posing as every other couple that steps in front of my lens. I joke with couples that 85% of the photos you will get are of you laughing, because my goal for your session is to make it fun and genuinely joyful. 



How do payments work?


All sessions must have a signed contract as well as the deposit paid prior to the wedding day and/or engagement session (if booked with a wedding). There is a deposit due within 7 days of signing the contract and the remainder will be split into two payments— the first due halfway and the remainder due within 15 days of the wedding date. Cash, personal check, PayPal and Venmo are all accepted.



Will you travel?


Heck. Yes. I’m super easy going and will not need anything fancy but if you want me to come photograph your elopement in Mexico, let’s talk. Pricing for destination weddings & elopements are on an individualized basis. If you're reading this and considering traveling outside of the OKC area, seriously let's talk. 



What should I wear for my engagement session?


It all depends on where we’re going and what the weather is like (which if they’re taken in OKC it could be 85 in January, but who knows). My go to is to tell people one causal outfit they can get dirty and run around in, one that is “dressier” and then one that you love but don’t feel like you can pull off in a normal “going out” setting. Clothing that's different than you would wear out photographs well. Be bold in your outfit choices (if you want to) because I promise it'll photograph well. Coloring and patterns should compliment each other but not match. Wear bright lipstick or fun hats or new shoes. Have fun with it!



How soon after my session will I get my photos?


My goal for weddings is anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on the season (September-December is a photographers busiest times). Lifestyle & engagements are roughly 2-3 weeks. When mini sessions are offered I try and have those done in about 2 weeks since they are lower amounts of images than a full session.



What is your hope for my wedding day?


I want you both to feel like total rockstars and I want my images to make you feel that way. I want you to feel relaxed and natural. I want your story to be told from the smallest details to your grand exit. I want you to be captured in a real and natural way. I don't want any of your day to feel stressful or rushed but be able to take the time to sit down and soak in the emotions of the day. Make sure your people know when they have to be ready and have someone make sure that happens so there isn't stress on you. I want your day to be unique to you and your spouse and not a day full of traditions you feel you need to fulfill for the sake of tradition. If you don't like wedding cake, do a donut cutting instead. Drink coffee instead of champagne. 



Will you help me with my wedding day timeline?


Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes. Once the major times are set in place (ceremony time, first look or not, when you are allowed to arrive) I will GLADY and willingly help you make that timeline. Allowing the photographer or a (professional) wedding planner will help the day run much smoother.



First look. Thoughts?


I love them. Really and truly. It is such a special time that you get to see each other and let go of stress and have a few moments of silence and embrace with your person before the chaos starts. It’s a time without anyone else expecting you to make a certain reaction or cry or not cry and just be still. 



A few more things.


Please, please, PLEASE, tag me in your images when posted online. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Word of mouth is a huge way that photographers get business and it breaks my heart when I spend hours working on images and they are floating around the internet without my name on them. Also, let's be friends.