Capturing life's moments is ingrained in my being. It's instinctive, fundamental, and above all,
my greatest passion.

hi hey hello, I am so glad you're here. It's truly an honor to be considered to document your story. I have loved photography and photos for as long as I can remember. In middle school I had digital cameras and bulletin boards lining my room with photos. In 2009, I was given my first "nice camera" and that's where my journey with photography started. Over the past six years, I've had the privilege of photographing around 150 weddings, and every moment has been an
absolute joy. It's a profession I wasn’t expecting for myself, yet now, I can't envision my days filled with anything else.

"My favorite thing about her photos- they are all natural & in the moment. She captures the raw emotions. Which makes looking back on your pictures so much sweeter because you can feel all of the emotions in the photos. Not only did I get amazing photos I can look back on forever, I got the best friendship out of it. I can write a book about her because she’s so great- but I’ll leave it at this, you can’t find a better photographer or friend!!""
- carissa & collin

i love documenting stories in whatever capacity is the truest to you. i love jesus and community and okc and i have the same eating habits of most seven year old boys. i love halls pizza and barrios guacamole and stitch coffee. i'm an (extroverted) enneagram 4 (& an enfp for those who still care). i have zero sense of direction yet have a ridiculous memory consisting of every song i've ever listened to and the stories of how i've met everyone in my life. 

I adore Jesus, community, and my hometown, OKC. My eating habits resemble those of a typical seven-year-old boy. I love Halls Pizza, Barrios' guacamole, and Stitch Coffee. As an (extroverted) Enneagram 4 and an ENFP for those interested, I thrive on connections. Despite having no sense of direction, I possess a remarkable memory filled with every song I've ever listened to and the stories of how I've met everyone in my life.

let's be friends


let's be friends