“I’ll start this off by saying I 100% stalked Skye & Evan on Instagram and for sure messaged them on there asking them to model for me.”

March 26, 2018

February 23rd, 2018 | “Kelsey’s Maid of Honor was a deployed a few months before the wedding, so she worked with their friends to record a speech and have it played after the Best Man and Matron of Honor speeches and there were not a lot of dry eyes in the room after that.”

March 22, 2018

“I love when couples are unashamedly themselves. Hannah and Grant were up to try any creative idea I had and soaked up time spent with the other person.”

February 28, 2018

“Styled Co is a way to get out of your comfort zone and get creative. It’s easy as a creative to feel stuck when you feel like all you do is “business” and don’t take time to create for yourself so things like this are so refreshing.”

February 28, 2018

“I’ll start this one out with saying by the end of the day, I had a group text with these two and we’re now best friends.”

January 30, 2018

“Something i’m trying to do more is creating for myself. By that I mean reaching out to people in my community and asking to photograph them or asking for opportunities.”

January 20, 2018

December 27th, 2017 | “Maddie and I first met in June when I remember texting her when I was leaving my house saying all my “good clothes” were being washed so I looked a tad rough and thank goodness she didn’t care at all.”

January 17, 2018

September 23rd, 2017 | “Cierra + Josiah chose to do a first look in which they sat in chairs back to back and Josiah played guitar and sang to her and they exchanged hand written letters. The whole day was magical and I have chills writing this blog post about this couple and their day.”

January 6, 2018

I tried my best to chose a favorite image from I believe every shoot from 2017. It’s crazy to believe that this was my first year of business on my own– but it was the absolute best year.

January 3, 2018

Here’s a recap of my first year of business! Huge shoutout to these incredible couples who made this year as successful as it was! I would never have dreamed I would be looking at being able to work part time and pursue photography so much more. Cheers to my 2017 weddings and here’s to all […]

January 1, 2018

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