• How do you deliver your photos?

All edited, digital images will be delivered through an email link sent from Pic-time! There is an online store linked to your gallery as well to purchase prints/albums/etc. You can also easily share the gallery link with family, friends, wedding parties, etc. 

• How long will it take to receive my gallery?

My contract says 5-7 weeks for weddings and 2-3 for almost anything else. However, there are some events that will be quicker to finish (proposals, baby announcements, etc).

• Where are you located/ are there travel fees?

I am located at the heart of OKC in the Midtown area, but I would absolutely love to travel to ya/for ya! While I love my city and my people and adventuring around here, I am always more than ready to pack a bag and head out to explore. 
-- Tulsa: $125 travel fee
-- DFW: $250 + lodging 

• Do you work with associate photographers / what happens if you cannot shoot my wedding?

I do not have a contracted associate photographer, however, I have had a few other photographers who have shot with me more than a handful of times associate shoot weddings or events with me doing the editing for them. It is not a common occurrence, but in the event something happens that is an emergency, I will have a trusted photographer in the OKC area photograph the event for me and I will do all of the editing and back end work. 

• Will you help me create a wedding day timeline/ how does that work?

Absolutely, yes! If you have hired a wedding planner or day of coordinator, usually we talk about the time I will need for everything and create a photo timeline together. If you want to sneak out during the reception to take sunset photos, we will make sure there isn’t a major event scheduled during the reception at that time! If you do not have a planner or a day of coordinator, (one, you should have a day of coordinator, end of story… you (and your mom and photographer) will be SO HAPPY that you did) I will make the timeline and check it with getting ready times, make sure hair & makeup are done in a timely manner before photos need to start and check with the DJ on reception events so we are on the same page!
side note: often times if there is not a designated planner or day of coordinator, that job falls on the photo/video team. if there will not be someone to take that roll, I will need to know ahead of time. coordination isn't the job of the media team and it takes away so much from what you actually hired them to do!

• How does it work if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Usually if there is rescheduling it’s due to the lovely Oklahoma weather and we are on the same page about it. If it’s going to be uncomfortably hot or cold, I will gladly reschedule with you if I have another date available. I want you to enjoy your time in front of the camera and if you’re freezing or melting in the sun, let’s be real… we all probably won’t be enjoying ourselves to our best abilities. If I have to reschedule on y’all for some reason, I will offer a form of compensation to counter that. All I ask is that you give me as much notice as possible. After one time, there will be a rescheduling fee added to make up for lost business on that original date. Deposits are non-refundable.

• Do you work with a second shooter? If so, who?

Almost always, I have a second photographer with me for wedding days. It will always be someone who shoots full weddings on their own, and someone I trust to be able to think on their feet and document anything with excellence if needed. There have been a few times timelines run tight and I will focus on the bride and bridesmaids while my second focuses on groom and groomsmen and I will always have someone with me I trust to document those photos the same way I would.

• Do you give out RAW or unedited images?

Nooooope, I do not. The only occasions that I do are if working directly with another photographer and we have agreed to edit our own images but give credit to the original photographer. SO much of the creative process & why you're hiring me is based off of my editing style.

• What equipment do you shoot with?

My main camera body is a Nikon d850 with a Nikon 35 1.4 lens. My second camera body is a Nikon d750 with a Sigma 85 1.4!

• Can we meet in person first before booking?

100% yes we can! If there isn’t a time to meet in person, we can gladly FaceTime or Zoom! I would always prefer to meet face to face in some form before you hire me so we can chat and make sure we are a good fit from all angles! 

• I’m ready to book… are you?

Yeah dude let’s do it. I’ll shoot y’all a contract and the deposit is due within 7 days of signing the contract.  Contact me below! 

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