Hi hey hello. Thanks for stopping by! My name is Sami and I am a natural light and lifestyle photographer specializing in weddings and couples. My background in photography came from being the obnoxious friend who always had a camera and took photos of everything, to taking a few photography classes in high school and being gifted with my first DSLR when I was 17. That camera soon after collected dust in my garage until about 3 years ago when I was asked to photograph my step sisters wedding (which I am eternally grateful for). I have a bachelors degree in Social Work from the University of Oklahoma which at one point I thought I wanted to use (which.. don’t we all). I’ve found that what makes me the happiest is photographing real and raw and authentic moments. I don’t want forced. I don’t want posed. I want real. 

I love Jesus, dogs, and coffee. I actually might have coffee in my veins at this point and will 100% pet every dog I come into contact with. It’s a toss up between my favorite weather being sunny and chilly or 75 degrees. I am about 95% extroverted and 5% introverted and most of the time my nails are painted black. South Lake Tahoe is my favorite place and I always wear black jeans.I am probably the pickiest eater you know (no, but really). I hate green candy, most vegetables and when turn signals are used incorrectly. I love sunsets, plants (even though I cannot keep them alive), and chocolate. 

My goal as a photographer is to tell your stories and capture moments that go by so quickly. You can capture a second in time in a photograph and to me that is SO cool. I’m pretty non-traditional, and I don’t want your wedding to be a series of things you feel as though you have to do to please other people. I want your day to be about you and your story. I was told by a younger photographer that she had been trying to figure out how to be different and set apart in this oversaturated industry. My answer and my goal for every wedding I photograph and every couples session is to truly make the time to meet and get to you. I never want a wedding day to feel like a business transaction. I want to celebrate your day with you and be your friend. If you're going to spend the best day of your life with someone, I want both of us to be super pumped about it! 


Photo credits: Jordan Mobley (@jordanmobley_)

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